St Peter’s Junior School – Footbridge Project 2014

Over the years St Peter's Junior School have gradually been improving their school site in terms of safety for everyone who accesses the school.

However, there was still just one bridge over the brook which runs along our southern boundary. As it was the only access to the school it was used by all vehicles and all pedestrians. Despite improvements, the bridge remained a significant risk particularly when after school clubs were finishing.

At this time as many as 100 children could be vacating the premises with their families, parents may be driving over the bridge to collect their children and in the autumn and winter it was also dark.

In order to improve the situation, they needed to install a footbridge and associated paving and fencing to the cost of £10,000. With this in mind they had been successful in a bid for part funding of the bridge and associated paving and fencing works via Nottinghamshire County Council’s Risk Management Funding. However, they needed to find the remaining £5,000 of which the Heart of Experian Charity Fund grant went towards.



The outcome of the project was a safer route and access to their schools for all.