Nottinghamshire Hospice Memory Garden - Tree of Life

Nottinghamshire Hospice creates a lasting tribute for our community.

The Heart of Experian Charity Fund provided funds for Nottinghamshire Hospice to create the Tree of Life, which provides an opportunity for family, friends and carers to create a lasting tribute to their loved one. By dedicating a leaf on the tree or a foundation stone, their loved one’s legacy will ensure that the care they experienced can be continued for others.


About Nottinghamshire Hospice

The Heart of Experian Charity Fund are proud to be supporting Nottinghamshire Hospice, who support 950 people every year across Nottinghamshire. Their support is provided through three principle services:

1.       Day therapy – Coming to terms with a terminal diagnosis can be very hard, especially if you live alone or with a partner who is struggling to cope. Nottinghamshire Hospice provides a dedicated unit in Nottinghamshire for people with a terminal diagnosis. Every day, up to 35 people attend, providing their carers with the respite they need to continue their everyday life. Palliative care nurses, backed by a team of physiotherapists, counsellors, complimentary therapists, and volunteers, provide physical symptom and pain management, emotional support and, perhaps most important for all of those living alone, companionship.

2.       Hospice at home – Their team of palliative care nurses help a patient and their family to define what a ‘good death’ means for them. For the vast majority, it means dying at home, as free from pain as possible, with their family close by. Nottinghamshire Hospice provides calm, compassionate and caring support from referral to death, managing pain and giving carers a chance to continue their day to day activities.

3.       Bereavement and Carer Support – As most people want to die at home, this can place an enormous strain on family carers, both emotionally and physically. With the focus of the medical profession on the patient, the needs of the carer can be forgotten. In 2015/16, Nottinghamshire Hospice’s small team of one employed and seven volunteer counsellors supported 75 carers finding it difficult to cope. In addition, their team of three bereavement support volunteers provided peer support to 250 bereaved people who were traumatised by their loss.


Perhaps the best demonstration of the impact Nottinghamshire Hospice provides for service users can be seen through real-life patient experiences.

Fran was a 95-year-old lady, who lived alone and had no immediate family nearby. Until the onset of cancer on her spine and sustaining a hip injury, Fran had been fairly independent. She was confident in her home surrounded by neighbours and friends. However, as Fran’s illness worsened, she was struggling to cope, yet still wanted to stay at home where she felt happy and safe. The Care Coordination team created an individual care package, taking into account all of Fran’s wants and needs. This included carer support to ensure Fran remained pain-free, repositioning Fran in bed so she could sleep more comfortably, and an overnight nurse to ensure Fran was taken care of around the clock.

Fran passed away peacefully in her sleep after 17 nights of care from the Nottinghamshire Hospice care team. Her wish to die peacefully at home was fulfilled.

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