London Youth Support Trust – Peckham Enterprise Centre

The funding received was to create 8 new spaces for young entrepreneurs within the Peckham Enterprise Centre. London Youth Support Trust (LYST) managed to negotiate an agreement with Travis Perkins who gave LYST five sheds for free if Heart of Experian Charity Fund paid for three, including delivery.

As the sheds needed to be quite large this was a fantastic opportunity, which meant that LYST were able to fully buy the sheds from the grant received by the Heart of Experian Charity Fund. They have now achieved our original plan of situating 8 summer houses within the sports hall area of this old Community Centre, all of the sheds are fully functioning with electricity and internet access. This has now created 13 spaces to house start-up businesses instead of the original 5 spaces LYST originally had. They have also sourced artificial lawn to lay on the floor of the sports hall, this adds to the creative look of the studio sheds and provides a starting block for our next project of a communal area for group and shared activities.



The direct benefits for the participants of this project is that they have a unique premises to house their business in, enabling them to become financially independent through the set-up of their businesses, bringing them out of un-employment. They will also have the opportunity to better market their products and the ability to sell it locally. The indirect benefits for them will be the opportunities that have arisen from being housed within this Centre with its ties to the local community and the access to community run courses; they will become part of the regeneration of this deprived area of London by hopefully employing local people.


I am a textile designer who has just moved in to one of the studio spaces in the Peckham Enterprise Centre. I really love and appreciate the work space provided for my business because it has given me a business environment and structure where I can work from whilst giving me a space where I can produce my designs for clients

Rebecca Osewa, ROT-Design