Nottinghamshire Hospice Memory Garden - Tree of Life

Nottinghamshire Hospice creates a lasting tribute for our community.

Nottinghamshire Hospice created a way in which people throughout Nottingham can create a lasting tribute by dedicating a leaf or foundation stone on our beautiful, hand-sculpted Tree of Life. Each leaf will bear a hand-engraved dedication creating a poignant and personal tribute and donations received will help support our patients and families who need our hospice care.

Nottinghamshire Hospice needs to raise more than £3m every year to make sure they can meet the needs of their patients with terminal and life-limiting illnesses, and their loved ones, so they rely on the support of our community - that's people like you.

Every penny from every leaf and foundation stone goes toward helping us be there for our patients thanks to the kind donation from the Heart of Experian Charity Fund which made the Tree of Life possible.



The long lasting benefit of the project is the income generated on an annual basis, which as they need to raise £3 million every year is vital. The money raised goes directly into patient care, they hope that on an annual basis we may potentially raise between £5,000 to £10,000. Donations are set at different price points and offer people the opportunity to create a lasting tribute whilst helping the hospice to provide care to families throughout Nottinghamshire.

The benefits for Nottinghamshire Hospice participants are being actively involved in making sure that our hospice can continue to provide vital nursing care to families in Nottingham. Donations received help to provide emotional support for a patient and their family at one of the most difficult times of their life, as well as practical advice to help them live day to day. Or will help deliver care and compassion with dignity to a patient and their family in their own home for a week. Their nurse will be there for the patient and their family for a few hours each day to provide nursing care, respite and emotional support.

The main aim of the project was to provide sustainability whilst also benefiting the local community. Through donations they can provide an on-going income for the hospice care but also providing the community with an opportunity to create a long lasting tribute and a way for them to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one - giving them a place they can come to when they want to reflect and remember a loved one.

The tree enables the hospice to engage with the community and involve them in ensuring that people throughout Nottingham, living with a terminal or life-limiting illness can make decisions about their own care, help them to live every day to the fullest and support them at the end of their life.